Guided Sandhill Crane Hunting at its Finest!


Western Oklahoma is a prime hunting area for migrating Sandhill Cranes. The Central Flyway is the migration path of the Mid-Continent Sandhill Crane, with populations over 900,000 birds. The total US Sandhill Crane harvest was over 30,000 as of 2018 studies. Western Oklahoma is virtually an untapped gold mine for hunting Sandhill Crane. The Oklahoma Crane numbers are massive, in 2011 there were only 418 estimated active crane hunters in the state. According to 2018 numbers, there are over 12,000 active crane hunters in the Central FlyWay States.

The Sandhill Crane is an extremely attentive and observant bird and hard to hunt and kill, for most. For Crane Wreckers, we've been pursuing these great birds for over eight years now. We have harvested over 6,000 birds during these years. Decoying sandhill cranes is an exciting sport and there is no wonder more are actively hunting them. Crane Wreckers have made it their goal to study, understand and successfully put our clients on these elusive birds. Come and check them and us out! It's a thrill you will not soon forget.


We know, as hunters to be successful, we must learn and study our prey, prepare, adapt, and be persistent. This couldn’t be truer in the case of hunting Sandhill Crane. The Crane is a very wary bird. We decoy them using our taxidermy stuffed/mounts, and these birds will not be fooled with a traditional plastic decoy spread. We also use u-v blocker on all of our equipment. It is vital to stay 100% concealed when hunting these elusive birds. We are able to do so we so from our custom built, large hay bale blinds. Each blind can accommodate up to 18 hunters.

We have been very successful, having many sandhill cranes land within our spread and just a few feet from our custom blind. We put a lot of thought and preparation into each and every hunt. Our mission is to offer the very best “in your face” crane hunt to all of our clients. Hunting Sandhill Crane is a thrill, one you will not soon forget. Every bird hunter should have it on his or her bucket list.


  • Oklahoma or Kansas Hunting License - depends on where the birds are

  • Oklahoma or Kansas Hip Permit

  • Oklahoma or Kansas Crane Permit

  • Kansas Sandhill Crane Test - Must be printed out and carried.

  • 12 gauge shotgun capable of shooting 3" ammo, steel shot, recommended BB's or #2 shot!

  • Waders are NOT needed

  • Blind Bag - suggested to have ammo, snacks, drink, gloves, hand warmers, flashlight and camera

  • Cooler for your birds - We do not clean birds and if you choose to clean them before transporting, they must have a wing intact.

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Send Deposits/Hunting Fees to 48651 East 93 Road, Miami, OK 74354

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