Bryan Baker


My name is Bryan Baker.  I'm half of Cranewreckers and I absolutely love what I do!  I've been a hunter and lover of the great outdoors my entire life.  It is my honor and privilege to get to share it with our new friends that we are making through Cranewreckers.  From late October through late January my focus is sandhill crane hunting.  I make it my first priority to put the hunters on the best hunt possible!
In the Spring, I run another outfitter business called Spoonbill Wreckers.  In the months of February through May we snag the prehistoric spoonbill, also called paddlefish, only found in a few fresh water reservoirs in the world.  I'd love to take you all on a great fishing trip.  I always make it my mission to put the client on the fish and show them a good time.  Feel free to call me and I'll put you on the books for spoonbill fishing.

Below is a picture of my family.  They mean the world to me and are the reason that I do what I do.  My son, Kyle, helps me out in the crane and spoonbill guiding businesses.  My daughter, Shelbie is a student and enjoys sports and loves hunting.  My wife, Shellie works at Bluejacket School and keeps the homefront!  

Give me a call today!  I love to meet new people and share with them my passion.  Happy hunting and fishing!
God Bless!