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Guided Sandhill Crane Hunting 

at its Finest!

Western Oklahoma is a prime hunting area for migrating Sandhill Cranes

The Central fly away is the migration path of the Mid-Continent Sandhill Crane, with populations over 500,000 birds. Here are some statistic from the 2011 reports. The total US Sandhill Crane harvest was 16,059, from that amount 14,442 was from the Central Fly away. Western Oklahoma is virtually an untapped gold mine for hunting Sandhill Crane. The Oklahoma Crane numbers are massive, and there are only 418 estimated active crane hunters in the state.

We believe there are a couple of key reasons these amazing birds are not being pursued more by waterfowl hunters. One reason, in our opinion, the Sandhill Crane has simply been over looked or not seriously considered. The other reason is, the Sandhill Crane is an extremely wary bird. Whatever the reasons may be, now is the time to learn more about hunting these amazing birds, and get you on a hunt. It's a thrill you will not soon forget.


Setting The Stage: Hunting Sandhill Cranes has its own set of unique challenges!

We know, as hunters to be successful, we must learn and study our prey, prepare, adapt, and be persistent.  This couldn’t be truer in the case of hunting Sandhill Crane.  The Crane is a very wary bird.  We decoy them using our taxidermy stuffed/mounts, and these birds will not be fooled with a traditional decoy spread. We also use u-v blocker on all of our equipment.  It is vital to stay 100% concealed when hunting these amazing birds; we do so from our custom built, large hay bale blinds. 

We have been very successful, having many Cranes land within our spread and just a few feet from our blind. We put a lot of thought and preparation into each and every hunt, our mission is to offer the very best “in your face” Crane hunt to our clients.  Hunting Sandhill Crane is a thrill, one you will not soon forget.  Every waterfowl hunter should have it on his or her bucket list.